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We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Tim and Peggy Javurek, Co-Owners

  • Married forty nine years and have four children, twelve grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

    Tim and Peggy enjoy working together, striving to serve their customers and their needs with integrity. Keeping the tradition of a family owned business since 1967. They have been owners of TJ's Auto Center Inc since 1984.

    Tim is general manager, over seeing the daily operation. He has worked on cars since he was 14 years old, working for his father at Plaza Texaco in 1967, and washing customer cars by hand. (The charge for this service at the time was 50 cents.)

    Tim progressed in the repair of automobiles taking countless classes and seminars, including automotive classes at Rock Valley College in the early years, to the most current classes containing the latest automotive diagnosis and repair.

    Tim also serves as chairman of the state board of directors of the ASA. Tim says, We never stop learning to repair and diagnose cars. We want to provide the best service possible to our customers, at a fair price. The more knowledgeable we are about cars, enables us to diagnose faster, to diagnose right the first time, and ultimately save our customers money. We have come a long way since 1967, but we have always been serving people in the same caring, conscientious way.

    Tim has also attended various management seminars, classes and conventions to further his knowledge on how to provide the best service possible to make T J's Auto Center the best place to take your car. Tim says,"We want you to feel comfortable when you come to us, and know that you can trust us to repair your car right the first time. We guarantee our work, and if things aren't right with your car we will make it right with no argument or hassles. We want you to be satisfied."

    Tim is current President of the Rockford Area Automotive Service Association, a national organization whose sole purpose is to promote integrity in the automotive industry. He enjoys his work, and looks forward working with people every day.

    Peggy has been working beside her husband throughout most of their married life. Peggy work's almost everyday as a bookkeeper, cashier, receptionist, and enjoys talking with the customers while their car is being worked on. She also works part-time at the Boylan High school Cafeteria.

    Peggy is a good listener. She cares about people and enjoys hearing about their personal lives, (good and bad.) It's nice to work at TJ's Auto Center. Peggy says, "I like to listen to people about their personal life, because they are friends as well as customers.I find out all kinds of things from people." Peggy works almost everyday, but because of other demands of her time her hours vary. "It allows me to be flexible in my hours, so I can help with our families needs." Peggy says.

Celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary!

Curt, Shop Foreman

  • Curt our shop foreman and general manager, has been with T.J.'s Auto Center for over 22 years. Curt and his wife Ann, have two girls. Curt has acquired many certificates through the years. Including MACS air conditioning certification, various certificates in computer diagnosis, fuel injection and electrical systems. He is currently enrolled at CarQuest Technical Institute. Curt is a conscientious employee. He has always been willing to help the other technicians with advice and a helping hand when needed.




The business always does a great job and takes care of him. They are very polite.


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